Selected Presentations

January 8

. Virtual poster at LSA 2021.

January 7-10

Mayo reduplication as a feeding Duke of York derivation. Virtual poster at LSA 2021.


Lamont, Andrew. 2024. Deriving Mayo reduplication. Talk at University of Leipzig. January 31.

Lamont, Andrew. 2024. Mohawk, more evidence for gradual syllabification. Poster at LSA 2024 Annual Meeting. New York, NY. January 7.


Lamont, Andrew. 2023. Optimality Theory is not computable. Virtual talk at Atelier de phonology, CNRS. March 22.

Lamont, Andrew. 2023. Why wait/weight? Cumulative faithfulness effects in Harmonic Serialism. Talk at LSA 2023. January 6.


Lamont, Andrew & Jonathan North Washington. 2020. Stem Identity in Kazakh. Poster at LSA 2020 Annual Meeting. New Orleans, LA. January 2.


Lamont, Andrew. 2019. Sour Grapes is phonotactically complex. Poster at LSA 2019 Annual Meeting. New York, NY. January 3.